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Make An Impact with Be Great For Nate

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Be Great For Nate is a nonprofit organization that started after the suicide of fifteen year old Nathan Bruno in February of 2018. Since then "be great for Nate" turned from a saying to a way of life. The mission of BG4N is to empower youth in exploring their areas of interest by providing healthy social emotional support and development in their communities.

BG4N's main program is the Every Student Initiative, a youth led suicide prevention group that aims to create a culture of connection. This program started when three of Nathans friends came up with an idea to help prevent another tragedy like this from occurring again. Now the program provides service to over 100 youth!

You can help in the fight against teen suicide. You can save lives by becoming a donor for BG4N and our programming. Your support will go a long way in allowing BG4N to expand out and impact even more youth. You can be great for Nate!