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Your business can help save lives!

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Be Great For Nate knows that the most important thing it can create for the future generations is community. Building up community will provide youth with the needed outlets to develop in a healthy way that also helps prevent the occurrence of mental illness, suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

One way that BG4N is building community is by getting the support of the local businesses that want to see our youth flourish. That means you!

By becoming a corporate sponsor you are helping to build a strong and healthy community for youth to grow. Doing this will also help to save lives, because connection is the number one protective factor against suicidal ideation.

You will play a role in shifting to a culture that helps set youth up for success and protect them against suicidal ideation. You will be making a positive impact. You will be great for Nate!

*If you plan to pay by cash or check please contact*